Hello! welcome to my blog

My name is Jaeden and I am 12 years old. I went to St Patrick’s school but last year I went to Caritas Don Bosco school. I’m currently in year 8, That’s right! I’m new to New Zealand, Well… Not new, My family and I arrived at September 12th 2022. I have 3 sisters and 3 kittens. St Patrick’s school is personally the best school so far. I hang out in the school’s garden with my friends and sometimes under the canopy, I’m a funny and helpful person. You may ask for assistance if you need it.

Get to know me!

  • Favourite food: Iced tea, Fried rice, Beef
  • Favourite games: Valorant, Roblox, Minecraft
  • Favourite Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Gardening
  • Favourite things: Cats, Family, Friends, Hamsters


I hope you enjoyed my blog, Thank you for reading

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