Hi again! Today on march 10 2023. Me and my classmates had lots of fun sculpting and making clay art for a book called Pennies for Hitler! The story is really interesting which made me hooked up with the story. We had to choose a critical moment from one section of a book. We picked the destruction of the library because It was the place where Georg felt safe and where he can talk to the librarian. That’s when he felt confident and even felt comfortable. The library was just like a second home to him, But now it’s in ruins. We created this scene in clay, It was really a fun time and we learned more about the story and sculpting.

I think I did okay, It wasn’t the best but we still learned.


A few days ago we made sort of like a diary entry of pennies for Hitler, We were georg and we’re walking away from Elizabeth and on our way to find Aunt Miriam. Heres my work ! I love writing, Im glad it improved my writing skills.


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