Darkness… Everything muted, I see Elizabeth’s corpse on the ground. The blood dried on the floor and on her head. It must have been a while since her injuries. The sounds of fires and yelling goes back, I have to find Aunt Miriam, she’s my only hope… I leave the old man and the teenager and I run to find Aunt Miriam… She has to be alive… Right…? I run and run without realising the state I’m in… Dirt in my nails and scratched up clothing… I notice shattered glass on the concrete rubble, fire and innocent civilians yelling and screaming, stuck under giant pieces of metal. I have no time to save them though, I’m sorry… Hopefully I’ll find Aunt Miriam and save her. If they’re still alive by the time I get back. I even see small rodents and animals, birds and dogs running while injured just trying to find a safe place. I can feel tears that have been dried. I wonder if everything will go back to normal after this. The smoke and dust cover my vision. I arrived at the place where I live, the place we lived. Dismantled, Destroyed. This feeling of devastation, It feels stronger and stronger the longer I walk. This war, Is it even fair…? I close my eyes and open them, this isn’t a dream. I wish and wish again that this wasn’t real, but it is. The entrance of the apartment is laid waste as the dusty smoke settles aside. I am filled with despair. Possibly the Library is destroyed as well. How much of this can I take until I find Auntie. At some point my gas mask falls off. Finding it missing, I see a gas mask on the floor, still intact. A carcass of someone covered in scars and injuries is lying nearby. “God bless you, may you rest in heaven, away from this disaster,” I say under my breath. Wearing the mask, I walk down the road trying to ignore the rubble and other debris. I still remember Elizabeth. If only I spoke to her more, She might have known me well. While standing, Dumbfounded… I see a shadow in the distance calling my name. Is that…?

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