Hey T! Last weekend was a blast hanging out in the skatepark. I wrote this letter due to by my concern, You know when the party was over and we were all gonna go home? I noticed that you always avoided your home. Look… I know you have a hard time fitting in with your new family, losing your room and missing dave. but you’ve got to move on from the past and be happy for others. I haven’t seen Maraea this happy in a while, So just please talk to me! Im here for you, I got your back!! If you’re not comfortable with trusting me with your word, then here are some tips of advice. Hopefully this will encourage you to open up more to your family and even me. Ive said this many times before and ill say it again, Find someone to talk to. Whether its a therapist or your mum.. Im concerned about this, T. your mental health is slowly deteriorating, I saw Becca trying to get an answer from you today but you shut her away just like Brian. Im worried about your future as well, Your academics is important just like your mental stability so please be consistent. Stop relying on others to do your things and grow up. Things wont last forever so, Try and spend time with others while it lasts.

– Your friend, Jack

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