Hello! Welcome back to my blog, I have a question for you. Have you wanted to see what was in the ocean? Or what living organisms that lurks in the depths? Well I have the thing for you! Blake NZ-VR (short for Virtual Reality) is a program where marine biologists research and take care of the ocean, They discover and protect sea animals from sea lions to whales. The creator of this website/program is none other than Peter Blake, The man was popular for sailing across the world 5 times, Can you believe that! It takes a year just to do it once and he did it five times!! He went from Antarctica to Brazil but sadly his journey ended on 2001 in the Amazon River, He and his crew were attacked by pirates and he was shot into his body and died. Aside from that, A marine biologist came to our school and taught us the wonderful and the downsides of our ocean, We were given Virtual Reality masks that are 360 views of cameras in the water placed by divers and marine biologists who volunteer in Blake NZ. We saw a bunch of  sea life like dolphins, Whales, Stingrays and Rainbow Fish! It was a blast but not everything is good. Some fishermen hunt too much fish that sometimes causes dolphins or sharks to go far away just to find some food, This is called over fishing. Sound pollution is a bad thing for whales because they can’t communicate with each other due to the engine or the propellers of boats. Researchers wondered what whales do and how they search for food over time. You can check Wiremu’s Journey on https://tohoravoyages.ac.nz/. At the end, I personally felt very informed now knowing that there are less than 1 marine reserves in aotearoa and to help the community by using recyclable objects. This program was fun but also an educational lesson for all viewers.




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