The air horns go off as I remember, What did I do before this all happened? Bomb gone, Those two words that claim many lives. Bomb gone, A word I will never forget. Bomb gone, A conflicting project that risks everything just for research… 1957, May 15th. By the time I was done daydreaming, These words entered my mind: ‘5 MINUTES BEFORE DETONATION” The commander announced, we each started putting our masks on individually knowing what we will witness is fascinating. Although I don’t know why they’re instructing us to be radiated, Maybe it’s for their research? “ALL HANDS ON DECK” The announcement echoed, silencing the numerous murmuring. The speakers declare the countdown. 60… 30… 10… 5… 3… 2… 1… Bomb Gone. The heat penetrates my entire body I didn’t even notice the slight sweat, I didn’t want to believe it but… the fear of the unknown terrified me. After all, It was my first time witnessing one of the nine bombs…


As I gaze upon the firled awnings, the sky instantly emits a bright amber color. Even when your eyes were closed, You could see through your bones, I was stunned. This one word describes what I was feeling during then. I didn’t know what to say…13….. 14….. 15…. The speakers repeated: “OPEN YOUR EYES, OFF GOGGLES, STAND UP AND FACE THE BURST” It all happened so fast, was it really real? The enormous mushroom cloud invades the sight to behold. I considered this a lucky event but I assume not for others. I almost lost myself in the vibrant colors. But instead, The flying valiants that were flying back caught my eye. What were they retreating from? All at once, I knew the answer when the super sonic blast hit the frigate like a roaring earthquake. The ground shook as I lost my balance along with many others. Soon enough, The sound came as well. It defend our ears which blocked sounds for a while. We had to collect ourselves before proceeding into our next stations. I guess this was a success. But the side effects of doing this were life threatening in the near future.


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