Summer Learning Journey – Groove Pizza

Here’s my take on trying to  make my own song rhythm along with creating my own album cover based on Jazz! I have a lot of favorite musicians and artists but I don’t really wish to collaborate alongside them.

The Writing on the wall

If God appeared in the room you are standing at in this very moment and began writing on the walls. What do you think he would write? Would he be mad or worried, will he be comforting or content with how we act without him? In my opinion, I think it’s a mix of everything really. He’s waiting for us to come to heaven and be greeted by the pearly white gates. However, while waiting to be taken in by God, we have to live life to the fullest and appreciate how he put our life together with great friends, amazing family members and a whole lot of opportunities and decisions that God will support us with. And these are my three words I think he would write down.

Headline for Community of Saints

In this Activity during RE, We have checked NZ Herald and listed both Good News that has been announced and Good News. However, none of the news articles have been ‘Good’ or about something good. So, we decided to create our own good news in hopes for more Good News in the future and make the world “Perfect” again. It also shows how working together and not fighting to get more power can achieve great things that can save lives.


The Matchbox Diaries

From a perspective of little boy in a big, crowded space, this is what I think he feels, hear and smell.

Another night in a small cramped space. The scent of body odor and the foul smoke from the steam trains leaves me to wonder, did I really deserve this? I’m stuck in a deep dark well only to listen to the incoming whales of the train pipes. It’s always one step forward and three steps back. The only thing keeping me awake is the false hope of a returning ship ready to take me far far away from this depressing heckhole. Trapped in a dark, dry and crowded cage only to hear the bird’s tweets that tells me to wake up from my dream of fantasy. When time passes, even those birds fly away as well. Day by day, I can barely see the gaze of the night sky with these awful people that I can barely stand. Just please, a few more hours. The only thing I have is a bottle cap in a matchbox. Maybe I’ll call this… A Matchbox Diary.

The Immortality of the Soul

On a quiet, bright and sunny morning, the bird’s tweets ride the wind to your bedroom window along with a warm sunshine. During these days, it’s a perfect and appropriate time to take care of yourself even when you most need it. Like when you’re sad or need to de-stress your mind. For me, I’d used to meditate and exercise in my free time with my family or just do stuff I personally like to do. This helps me concentrate and is healthy for my mental health. Even just doing something that you enjoy like a hobby or knitting a scarf, simple things like those and plenty of others are ways to care for your mental health and your body. This google drawing shows how meditation is one of the ways to relax your soul that God has given you and me. And truly realizing the purpose of our lives and how to cherish every day we wake up.

Adults War and Children Die

Imagine you’re walking on the sidewalk on a really normal day. The sun’s dim and the clouds are high; you’re just going on a normal walk just by yourself until you see something in the distance. Maybe it’s just normal art on the brick wall? When you decide walk closer you realize it’s not just an ordinary street art. It’s a painting with a meaning that tells a thousand words. But who made this artwork? Well let me tell you about a person named Banksy. His first artwork appeared in 1997 named ”The Mild Mild West” Ever since he worked on his first one, Many of the artworks with different meanings started being seen. Although a lot represents different situations around the world, One stood out from the rest.

This artwork portrays two children looking a bit glum. A barricade of barbed wires splits the two into different zones. The first child’s face cannot be seen while the second one looks lonely and trapped. Why are they like this? What had happened that caused them to be separated? Just look at real life; It’s already happening elsewhere. Banksy’s artwork shows the traumatic and life-changing lives of these two children. Specifically what’s happening in the Gaza strip with the thousands of millions of people being bombarded with missiles and terrorist attacks. And it’s not just them… Hundreds of children trapped with no one but themselves. Dragged away from the old lives they used to know with the family they used to love… Even though they’re waiting for someone to set them free, no one in the world can do anything. Which is why Banksy’s art can speak for those who are suffering in the desolate rubble in the Gaza Strip. You may check his other artworks online or you can check the one below.

As well as the artwork, there’s a poem shared by Tomo Roberts that relates to what’s happening in Israel. You may read his poem at the bottom of Banksy’s art.


The Bridge Poem

The bridge is a poem by Joy Cowley. In the past few days, we have her poem and have also made our own to share how we can understand and feel how to be a bridge. As well as an illustration behind the poem to present how it would look in my opinion. So here is my poem and illustration!

Celebration of the sacrament of Marriage

During our mission to be a follower of God. It is one’s life mission to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage. Although not a lot of people carry out a vocation, There are a bunch of other ways to have faith in the lord. You might ask, Why do we need to celebrate the sacrament of marriage? Well, When you end up meeting someone, You begin to spend time with them and make plans. During this, You start to carry a vocation like your parents or other adults that you know. This shows that you honor and stay faithful with your partner until the end of your lives. In the future, You may even celebrate the sacrament of marriage with your own family! Don’t be scared though, Since commitment isn’t that scary. So here are the different steps of the sacrament of Marriage which creates a loop through generations and generations.

Web Diagrams

Continuing through the life of Em. We have now researched and learned about all the people in Em’s life, From loved ones to people in her school life, We need to make a web diagram representing our life and as well as Em’s. Here is the results of my work, Featuring the people in my life and the people in hers. People who have affected our life in a bad way are on the outskirts representing how far it is in our relationship.


Group Tapa Cloth for Tongan Language Week

A few days ago, We were introduced to A Tapa cloth for Tongan Language Week. In my opinion, I think its important and fun to learn new things from other cultures to know and appreciate what they do. We also made our own group Tapa cloth to try and make our own, so here is how it turned out! It was really fun and interactive when we were making our own Tapa cloths, I hope I’m able to make and design more in the future!