Celebration of the sacrament of Marriage

During our mission to be a follower of God. It is one’s life mission to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage. Although not a lot of people carry out a vocation, There are a bunch of other ways to have faith in the lord. You might ask, Why do we need to celebrate the sacrament of marriage? Well, When you end up meeting someone, You begin to spend time with them and make plans. During this, You start to carry a vocation like your parents or other adults that you know. This shows that you honor and stay faithful with your partner until the end of your lives. In the future, You may even celebrate the sacrament of marriage with your own family! Don’t be scared though, Since commitment isn’t that scary. So here are the different steps of the sacrament of Marriage which creates a loop through generations and generations.

Web Diagrams

Continuing through the life of Em. We have now researched and learned about all the people in Em’s life, From loved ones to people in her school life, We need to make a web diagram representing our life and as well as Em’s. Here is the results of my work, Featuring the people in my life and the people in hers. People who have affected our life in a bad way are on the outskirts representing how far it is in our relationship.


Group Tapa Cloth for Tongan Language Week

A few days ago, We were introduced to A Tapa cloth for Tongan Language Week. In my opinion, I think its important and fun to learn new things from other cultures to know and appreciate what they do. We also made our own group Tapa cloth to try and make our own, so here is how it turned out! It was really fun and interactive when we were making our own Tapa cloths, I hope I’m able to make and design more in the future!

Meningococcal B

If you think the pandemic was the worst, You should learn what Meningococcal B is. The disease can be contracted from sharing personal objects or mutual contact to those who carry it. Meningococcal targets babies 5 & under, children and then teens. More information is found below and how you can prevent it to keep yourself, family and Whanau safe as well.

The Body of Christ

Christ is the head and the body of Christ is the people of the church.. Without the head there is no body, And without the body there is no head. Meaning if there are both parts, The body is alive striding forward into other directions in the world to invite others and to share the word of God. So here is my design and what it means to be the body of Christ.

What the church means to me & why

The Followers of Jesus Christ.

The reason why I picked this topic is because those who start to follow him, they begin learning what he did and all the great merciful miracles he had done back in the day. The followers of Christ may carry on his word and teach other newcomers so that everyone can live in abundance and harmony knowing Jesus Christ has risen and he is the savior of all.

The Lone Fountain

*sighs* one day. I wish my never ending life would take a turn for the better. Filled with exhaustion, I take a step off the bus.  The bus driver driver yells at me saying, “are you okay?” I reassured him that I was but it didn’t look like it. I begin unfolding the map to see the famous fountain. It tells a story long forgotten by the town’s citizens. In the past, people would toss coins into the crystal clear water making a light splash. Those lucky coin tossers would receive fortune, happiness, or love. Beginning to search through my wallet, all that remains is 1 cent and a button. Contemplating if I should give it a try, I approach the kept body of water. Closing my eyes, thinking of my deepest desires while I drop the coin. It disappears towards the bottomless pit of the fountain. Yet, the sight to behold is… nothing. I imagine my own stupidity starting to form and the night’s darkness creeping in. I knew this was just a lame scam used to trick others. Slowly walking to the next bus stop. I let out a big sigh of tiredness. To my surprise, a rushing wind carries me back to the wishing fountain. I almost got knocked out with someone in front of me. Opening my eyes, I see the most astounding girl. The tons of flower petals falls around us with the moons shining light reflecting from the water. To think I was a skeptic. Thinking it wasn’t real. I now understand it clearly. Not all things are what they seems. The wind carrying the petals on their own journey across the world. Finally, I realise that my wish has come true, my deepest wish. True Happiness.

Sports: Ki-o-Rahi Tournament

The day before the tournament, Mr Bell announced on Monday the 12th that the Ki-O-Rahi tournament was coming up tomorrow. If you don’t know what this game is, It’s a sports game that can be competitive or a casual game where two large teams play against the other team. If your team is the guardian of the podium, You are the runner who hits the Ki (ball) to the many poles. Once you touch one with the ball, It counts as a score. But the other team has to rip your tags off and you have to throw it. If you manage to not get your tags ripped off, Go to the middle where the Tupu is and it will confirm the points. Teams swap every 10 minutes or so to make it more entertaining. Now that’s settled, Let’s get back on what really happened. As I slept on my bed, I knew I had to sleep early to regain my stamina and energy.

When the day came, Me and my classmates ran laps around the court to practice for our game. Morning tea arrived and then soon enough, 11:20… My adrenaline rose every second but when they called my team along with my name included. I knew I was no longer nervous. BELTS ON!! the coach exclaimed, The first game of the day started. Sadly, Our team wasn’t looking so good. It was 11-15… Even though one of my classmates scored an epic goal, It was time. Kauri vs Rata… but Kauri won. I felt a little bit disappointed but at least I did my part. Hey you know what? I still have one more game, The finale. I came back inside the classroom because we weren’t allowed to watch from the window but I took this time to warm up and hydrate myself. Lunch came and the classroom slowly filled up with people. I had to wait a couple more minutes but the last game was already starting. I rushed out of the classroom and prepared for one last time. If we win this, We would be tied. But I wasn’t here just to win the 100 dollar prize, I was here to have a good time with my team and have some laughs. I wore my belt and we were immediately sky-rocketing to the top but in a split second, We came tumbling down right after. It was almost gonna be a tie, Can you believe it? To my surprise, The game ended. But we won the last game! We took a 3 minute break but we sat down under the canopy awaiting the winner. After the long suspense, Rimu and Rata tied 3rd place while Totara was 2nd place. That means Kauri won 1st place!! The house leader got the prize of 100 dollars! in monopoly money… It was highly competitive but at the same time, Was really fun for all of the students in saint Patrick’s School