Imagining the greatness of God’s love

I picked this word art because the words majestic and special is a word that relates to God and Jesus. I added the words Creator because God is the creator of Humanity and Everything. The word caring represents Jesus and how he loves us for all eternity. The shape of the words is a cat and a dog, A pet that is loved by a lot of people. Just like God and how he loves us dearly as well.

Diary Entry – Pennies for Hitler

Darkness… Everything muted, I see Elizabeth’s corpse on the ground. The blood dried on the floor and on her head. It must have been a while since her injuries. The sounds of fires and yelling goes back, I have to find Aunt Miriam, she’s my only hope… I leave the old man and the teenager and I run to find Aunt Miriam… She has to be alive… Right…? I run and run without realising the state I’m in… Dirt in my nails and scratched up clothing… I notice shattered glass on the concrete rubble, fire and innocent civilians yelling and screaming, stuck under giant pieces of metal. I have no time to save them though, I’m sorry… Hopefully I’ll find Aunt Miriam and save her. If they’re still alive by the time I get back. I even see small rodents and animals, birds and dogs running while injured just trying to find a safe place. I can feel tears that have been dried. I wonder if everything will go back to normal after this. The smoke and dust cover my vision. I arrived at the place where I live, the place we lived. Dismantled, Destroyed. This feeling of devastation, It feels stronger and stronger the longer I walk. This war, Is it even fair…? I close my eyes and open them, this isn’t a dream. I wish and wish again that this wasn’t real, but it is. The entrance of the apartment is laid waste as the dusty smoke settles aside. I am filled with despair. Possibly the Library is destroyed as well. How much of this can I take until I find Auntie. At some point my gas mask falls off. Finding it missing, I see a gas mask on the floor, still intact. A carcass of someone covered in scars and injuries is lying nearby. “God bless you, may you rest in heaven, away from this disaster,” I say under my breath. Wearing the mask, I walk down the road trying to ignore the rubble and other debris. I still remember Elizabeth. If only I spoke to her more, She might have known me well. While standing, Dumbfounded… I see a shadow in the distance calling my name. Is that…?

About Me – Jaeden

Hello! welcome to my blog

My name is Jaeden and I am 12 years old. I went to St Patrick’s school but last year I went to Caritas Don Bosco school. I’m currently in year 8, That’s right! I’m new to New Zealand, Well… Not new, My family and I arrived at September 12th 2022. I have 3 sisters and 3 kittens. St Patrick’s school is personally the best school so far. I hang out in the school’s garden with my friends and sometimes under the canopy, I’m a funny and helpful person. You may ask for assistance if you need it.

Get to know me!

  • Favourite food: Iced tea, Fried rice, Beef
  • Favourite games: Valorant, Roblox, Minecraft
  • Favourite Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Gardening
  • Favourite things: Cats, Family, Friends, Hamsters


I hope you enjoyed my blog, Thank you for reading

Clay Work – Pennies for Hitler

Hi again! Today on march 10 2023. Me and my classmates had lots of fun sculpting and making clay art for a book called Pennies for Hitler! The story is really interesting which made me hooked up with the story. We had to choose a critical moment from one section of a book. We picked the destruction of the library because It was the place where Georg felt safe and where he can talk to the librarian. That’s when he felt confident and even felt comfortable. The library was just like a second home to him, But now it’s in ruins. We created this scene in clay, It was really a fun time and we learned more about the story and sculpting.

I think I did okay, It wasn’t the best but we still learned.


A few days ago we made sort of like a diary entry of pennies for Hitler, We were georg and we’re walking away from Elizabeth and on our way to find Aunt Miriam. Heres my work ! I love writing, Im glad it improved my writing skills.

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