Advocate for the poor

How can I be an Advocate, Kai Korero like Jesus?

In order to be an Advocate like Jesus, I already know I can help the community by collecting trash or litter dropped on the ground. These unnecessary trash can clog sewer drains in streets or can create a clump of blockage that can cover the sewer drains. Another way to be an Advocate is to be kind and caring to those who mourn and for those who seek for attention. Others who are in need of support or help in their trying times need an Advocate in their lives like people who are disabled or the Unemployed and this is an opportunity for us to change. It’s best for us to do it now, Not later, Not tomorrow. It might be too late before we know it. Lastly, To help the elderly, I can try and ask the elderly neighbors if they are in need of help because of their old age, As for the disabled. I can encourage them to do what’s best even if they can’t do it. If others can do it, They can do it too and if not better. I don’t want them to feel insecure about themselves because it doesn’t matter in the end.

Bomb Gone: The Unimaginable Explosion

The air horns go off as I remember, What did I do before this all happened? Bomb gone, Those two words that claim many lives. Bomb gone, A word I will never forget. Bomb gone, A conflicting project that risks everything just for research… 1957, May 15th. By the time I was done daydreaming, These words entered my mind: ‘5 MINUTES BEFORE DETONATION” The commander announced, we each started putting our masks on individually knowing what we will witness is fascinating. Although I don’t know why they’re instructing us to be radiated, Maybe it’s for their research? “ALL HANDS ON DECK” The announcement echoed, silencing the numerous murmuring. The speakers declare the countdown. 60… 30… 10… 5… 3… 2… 1… Bomb Gone. The heat penetrates my entire body I didn’t even notice the slight sweat, I didn’t want to believe it but… the fear of the unknown terrified me. After all, It was my first time witnessing one of the nine bombs…


As I gaze upon the firled awnings, the sky instantly emits a bright amber color. Even when your eyes were closed, You could see through your bones, I was stunned. This one word describes what I was feeling during then. I didn’t know what to say…13….. 14….. 15…. The speakers repeated: “OPEN YOUR EYES, OFF GOGGLES, STAND UP AND FACE THE BURST” It all happened so fast, was it really real? The enormous mushroom cloud invades the sight to behold. I considered this a lucky event but I assume not for others. I almost lost myself in the vibrant colors. But instead, The flying valiants that were flying back caught my eye. What were they retreating from? All at once, I knew the answer when the super sonic blast hit the frigate like a roaring earthquake. The ground shook as I lost my balance along with many others. Soon enough, The sound came as well. It defend our ears which blocked sounds for a while. We had to collect ourselves before proceeding into our next stations. I guess this was a success. But the side effects of doing this were life threatening in the near future.


Blake NZ-VR: The Incredible Ocean!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, I have a question for you. Have you wanted to see what was in the ocean? Or what living organisms that lurks in the depths? Well I have the thing for you! Blake NZ-VR (short for Virtual Reality) is a program where marine biologists research and take care of the ocean, They discover and protect sea animals from sea lions to whales. The creator of this website/program is none other than Peter Blake, The man was popular for sailing across the world 5 times, Can you believe that! It takes a year just to do it once and he did it five times!! He went from Antarctica to Brazil but sadly his journey ended on 2001 in the Amazon River, He and his crew were attacked by pirates and he was shot into his body and died. Aside from that, A marine biologist came to our school and taught us the wonderful and the downsides of our ocean, We were given Virtual Reality masks that are 360 views of cameras in the water placed by divers and marine biologists who volunteer in Blake NZ. We saw a bunch of  sea life like dolphins, Whales, Stingrays and Rainbow Fish! It was a blast but not everything is good. Some fishermen hunt too much fish that sometimes causes dolphins or sharks to go far away just to find some food, This is called over fishing. Sound pollution is a bad thing for whales because they can’t communicate with each other due to the engine or the propellers of boats. Researchers wondered what whales do and how they search for food over time. You can check Wiremu’s Journey on At the end, I personally felt very informed now knowing that there are less than 1 marine reserves in aotearoa and to help the community by using recyclable objects. This program was fun but also an educational lesson for all viewers.




Letter of Advice

Hey T! Last weekend was a blast hanging out in the skatepark. I wrote this letter due to by my concern, You know when the party was over and we were all gonna go home? I noticed that you always avoided your home. Look… I know you have a hard time fitting in with your new family, losing your room and missing dave. but you’ve got to move on from the past and be happy for others. I haven’t seen Maraea this happy in a while, So just please talk to me! Im here for you, I got your back!! If you’re not comfortable with trusting me with your word, then here are some tips of advice. Hopefully this will encourage you to open up more to your family and even me. Ive said this many times before and ill say it again, Find someone to talk to. Whether its a therapist or your mum.. Im concerned about this, T. your mental health is slowly deteriorating, I saw Becca trying to get an answer from you today but you shut her away just like Brian. Im worried about your future as well, Your academics is important just like your mental stability so please be consistent. Stop relying on others to do your things and grow up. Things wont last forever so, Try and spend time with others while it lasts.

– Your friend, Jack

The Beatitudes

Today, Room 8 learns about the beatitudes and acknowledges each individual beatitude, One of the beatitudes I picked was the fifth one, ‘Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth’. We then decorated the beatitudes on google slide and printed it out, Pasted into the walls for the remembrance of the ones we picked. The beatitudes are blessings for marginalized people in need of help in lonely times.

Epro8 Playground

On the last day of Epro8, The class constructs a playground made out of blue joiner’s and axles. First, Our team lists down the many of playground rides before starting. Then, We make the monkey bars first which was pretty simple. Then the swing, A slide and the round-a-bout ride. It was kind of sad saying goodbye to Epro8 but at least it helped improve our teamwork, Engineering skills and Team coordination. Farewell, And see you next time!

Maths (Protractor)

On the first day of term 2, Our class had to measure tape placed on tables that are in different angles, We used pencils and a plastic protractor to write down the angles of each tape line, An old wood protractor was shown in front of the class for an example of what an old Protractor was like back in the day, We made sure and double checked that everything was correct. We even saved a little bit of the unanswered for my classmate that was struggling in angles, I think he figured how it works now, It was a short but at least it was an enjoyable interactive event in our math subject. Even if its short its quite fun to try something new every now and then.



On May 3, The room 8 students are asked to make buildings and other things from the Epro8 Material Box, Things like aluminum poles, Cranks, Gears and etc are found inside the case, The first build we constructed was a hut that is supposed to be over 500mm due to the flood that can soak the hut, Different instructions and buildings are found inside the Epro8 Workbook with questions and activities, The next was a dump truck that is fully functional with wheels, Our team successfully constructed it using Aluminum poles, Red joiners and Axles. We first built the cab then the bed right after, We then realized we had to make a lever to lift the bed and to drop the items. So… We had to remove the cab then add the lever, It was a long challenge but at least it worked out in the end. It was really fun working with my classmates and seeing the finished product, I hope I can have more EPro8 challenges in the future. Lastly here are some images and videos of the results.



My pointillism art represents my home country the Philippines. I made an island because the country is a tropical island. I love the beaches and the hot sun. The Philippines has a lot of islands, Almost 8 thousand! I hope i get to visit it again in the future.