How can I be an Advocate, Kai Korero like Jesus?

In order to be an Advocate like Jesus, I already know I can help the community by collecting trash or litter dropped on the ground. These unnecessary trash can clog sewer drains in streets or can create a clump of blockage that can cover the sewer drains. Another way to be an Advocate is to be kind and caring to those who mourn and for those who seek for attention. Others who are in need of support or help in their trying times need an Advocate in their lives like people who are disabled or the Unemployed and this is an opportunity for us to change. It’s best for us to do it now, Not later, Not tomorrow. It might be too late before we know it. Lastly, To help the elderly, I can try and ask the elderly neighbors if they are in need of help because of their old age, As for the disabled. I can encourage them to do what’s best even if they can’t do it. If others can do it, They can do it too and if not better. I don’t want them to feel insecure about themselves because it doesn’t matter in the end.

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